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Governor Dayton Signs Safe Food Sampling Law!

MFMA Board Director Cecilia Coulter and Rep. Bob Barrett, testufying in front of the MN House Ag Committee.
MFMA Board Director Cecilia Coulter and Rep. Bob Barrett, testifying to the Minnesota House Ag Policy Committee, in support of HF2178.

MFMA's Safe Food Sampling bill was signed into law by Governor Dayton on April 10!

This law paves the way for safe food sampling at farmers' markets for all vendors and food demonstrations -- without any added licenses or fees. Additionally, it allows farmers with value-added food products to sample their food all year, instead of being limited to 21 days.

The MFMA has worked for the past year with many partners, including the MN Dept. of Ag and the MN Dept. of Health to accomplish this. We are very appreciative for their advice and support.

MFMA will roll out training to all market maangers and vendors in May on the details of the food safety requirements for this new law. For more details, please contact the Minnesota Farmers' Market Association at

Find a Minnesota Farmers' Market!

You have two handy ways to find your nearest farmers' market.

  1. Click here to find an alphabetical listing of all the farmers' markets certified with the MFMA.
  2. Our partners at Minnesota Grown (part of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture) have a nifty website that lets you search for farmers' markets by location and/or days open. Click here to jump to the Minnesota Grown site to start your search. 



NEW! Minnesota Cottage Foods Law

Effective July 1, 2015 ~ M.S. 28A.152

Attention vendors and market managers!

The Minnesota Cottage Foods Law went into effect July 1, 2015. This law exempts people who are selling "non-potentially hazardous" (NPH) foods to the public from having to get a license, as long as several conditions are met. These conditions include the individual taking a Minnesota Department of Agriculture-approved training and registering with the MDA.

This means all vendors at farmers' markets who sell NPH foods (e.g., baked goods, jams and jellies, pickled items) must register with the MDA as soon as possible to comply with the law. 

MDA's website is ready to accept registrations; please go to MDA's Cottage Foods Producer Registration page to register.

2015-2016 MFMA Leadership Team

Board 2015 y.jpg

MFMA Board of Directors

Front row (l to r): Martha Archer, Kirtsen Bansen Weigle, Sara George, Cecilia Coulter, Bill Boutang
Bcak row (l to r): Advisor Terry Nennich, Doug Hoffbauer, Ron Branch, Alexandra Cortes 



MFMA's YouTube Videos

Click this link to go to MFMA's YouTube page. There you will find the various educational videos we have created for you: 

Need an answer to a food license question?

The MFMA is working with the MN Dept. of Health and MN Dept. of Ag to revise statutes and rules to make them work better for today's farmers' markets and vendors. So if you have a question about the regulations governing Minnesota farmers' markets, email us at or call us at (320) 250-5087 to get help. We will work with you to expedite the process and help you find your answers.

What is a Farmers' Market?


• Freshness • Flavor
• Nutrition • Quality
Knowing Where Your Food Is Grown and Who is Growing It!

Farmers' markets are an opportunity for the public to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and food products directly from farmers, growers, or producers. Locally grown products are picked fresh and brought straight to the market and sold by the growers themselves. If you want to know where your food is grown, how it is grown, and who grows it, visit your local farmers' market today!

Why Should Your Farmers' Market and Vendors Join the Minnesota Farmers' Market Association?

The MFMA was created by a group of Minnesota farmers' market representatives and farmers in order to present a unified voice in the growth and regulation of local farmers' markets. Pooling our resources, knowledge, and contacts allows us greater impact on local, state, and federal ordinances and regulations.

The MFMA has evolved into a state-wide non-profit organization working for the common good in terms of marketing, promotion, product labeling, program development, self-regulations and standards, market and vendor liability insurance, public education, and much more on behalf of our member markets and vendors.

If you are not yet a member (farmers market or vendor), please take time today to look at the information available on this website and complete your application process.

We invite you to talk with any of our board members to learn more about how the Minnesota Farmers' Market Association can help sustain and grow your local marketplace!

Safe Food Sampling Season Is Here!

Attention farmers' markets and vendors! Your customers will love to sample your foods -- let's make sure you are offering the samples in a safe and delicious way! Click here to review all the resources available to help you safely sample foods at your farmers' market all year long.


Minnesota Farmers' Market Association

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MFMA envisions a community of vibrant, profitable and professionally-managed Minnesota farmers' markets that:


• cultivates, nourishes and inspires a vibrant local foods community

• provides accessibility to local farm fresh foods

• allows local food producers to thrive and grow



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