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Are you looking for resources for your market this year due to COVID? The following links and resources have been suggested by members of the Minnesota farmers' market community for . 


    Specialty graphics, face shields, protective acrylic: 


    AP Design

    Reopening Minnesota: Face shields, banners,counter barriers, & more:  


    Social distancing arrows:



    hand sanitizer

    Layouts, Signage, and Photos capturing examples and best practices:

    15 photo(s) Updated on: 03-Aug-2020

    Handwashing Stations

    Interested in learning where to purchase hand-washing stations, or how to build ones yourself? See our resources listed here and continue to check back as additional resources are on the way. 
    How to build a hand-washing station for $20. 

      Market Needs Checklist

      Markets will undoubtedly need additional material to inform and protect vendors and customers such as additional signage, cleaning supplies, and personal protective equipment. See the following list of possibly items and average pricing. We hope this checklist and budget will be useful for markets managers and organizers to help think through their need for additional supplies and potential costs.

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